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MD Codes Complex: Episode 4 (01 December 2023)

As the year draws to a close, seize this opportunity to enhance your MD Codes Curriculum by joining us for the upcoming ONLINE course: the 2nd edition of "MD Codes Complex: Episode 4," scheduled for December 1st, 2023!

Within this educational program, Dr. de Maio will address a complex female case with class II malocclusion with severe overbite and deep bite with a short vertical dimension. Besides that, the patient presents micrognathia, mandibular hypoplasia, loss of jawline definition, and loss of submental cervical angle.

Register now and get to your next level of expertise.

General information:

Course Language: English

Webinar Platform: Zoom

Date: December 1st, 2023 - FRIDAY

Duration: 90’ Webinar + 30’ Q&A

Time: 10:00 AM São Paulo – Brazil


* Check the time zone in your location.

Live interaction with Dr. Maurício de Maio (CRM: 69 331 and RQE: 14 478)

For more information:

📞 WhatsApp: +55 11 94913-6254

✉ Email:


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