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Private Practice

Many patients seek optimal and long-lasting solutions to enhance their appearance and address the effects of aging without undergoing surgery. 

With his background as a plastic surgeon and a deep understanding of the advantages and limitations of surgical procedures, Dr. Maurício de Maio has developed an alternative approach that can deliver comparable, if not superior, results to surgery with minimal to no downtime. All treatments can be performed without the need for hospitalization, allowing for favorable outcomes such as the removal of eye bags, chin projection, correction of double chin, and even facelifts using injectables.

At our clinic, Dr. de Maio utilizes the renowned "MD Codes" to enhance facial structure and the innovative "MD Dyna Codes" to achieve natural facial expressions. These techniques have revolutionized the field of injectable fillers and botulinum toxin type-A, and are recognized worldwide for their effectiveness.

During your consultation, Dr. de Maio will utilize MD ASA for facial diagnosis, carefully mapping your Aging Trigger Points (ATPs) to address the aging process and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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MD Codes™

Injectable Filler

A revolutionary minimally invasive technique developed by Dr. Maurício de Maio. By mapping 13 key areas of the face with specific injection points, known as MD Codes, clinicians can tailor treatments for natural-looking results and prioritize safety. Widely recognized as a significant trend in aesthetics, MD Codes use injectable fillers for optimal and long-lasting outcomes. This non-surgical approach offers advantages like minimal discomfort, fast recovery, and immediate results, enhancing facial harmony. Experience personalized treatment plans that address your cosmetic goals with MD Codes, transforming aesthetic medicine for natural and long-lasting rejuvenation.

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MD DYNA Codes™

Botulinum Toxin

The MD DYNA Codes were created as an innovative approach based on chemical and mechanical myomodulation principle.  These codes aim to provide natural facial expressions while reducing undesirable signs, resulting in a more harmonious, youthful, and symmetrical face. This technique ensures natural results without compromising facial expressions, enhancing the face both at rest and in motion.

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