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MD Codes Inception: Foundation - ON DEMAND

  • 30Days
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The MD Codes Inception - Foundation is now available ON DEMAND with English and Chinese subtitles! This program aims to provide the fundamentals for the MD Codes and a guide for quick implementation in your clinical practice. Suitable for participants willing to acquire deep knowledge on two of the most requested codes (Ck and NL). We emphasize the significance of diversity in ethnicity and age. You will master the proper assessment techniques for the middle third of the face, enabling optimal results for your patients. Join us in this transformative learning experience! Course content: - The MD Codes symbolic language - The MD Codes Principles: Foundation – Contour – Refinement - Flashcards as a quick reference to MD Codes - How to inject the Ck and NL codes - Code by Code: detailed injection technique videos - When and why to use cannula and/or needles during the treatment - Case Study - Test your knowledge with our MD Codes Quiz General information: - Course Language: English - Access the course for 30 days, as often as you like, allowing ample time to delve into the material at your own pace. - Take the time to pause, rewind, and analyze each segment in detail, ensuring a thorough comprehension of the MD Codes concepts. - Access issues, we request you to notify us through our communication channels. It is essential to ensure that your notification falls within the 30-day limit so that we can promptly address any concerns you may have. - Please be reminded that your access credentials are strictly personal and non-transferable. - In the quiz section, if you achieve a minimum of 70% of correct answers, you will be eligible for this program certificate and you will also receive MD Codes Credits. - This on demand course provides an official English subtitle. - Ensure you agree to the "Terms of Use" prior to obtaining the MD Codes Inception: Foundation on demand course. Communication channels: 📞 WhatsApp: +55 11 94913-6254 ✉ Email:




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