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MD Codes Inception: Chin (24 May 2024)


▶ Join us for another exciting ONLINE course led by Dr. de Maio! The “MD Codes Inception: Chin”. In this LIVE webinar, Dr. de Maio will present the fundamentals of the Chin Codes, from anatomy to detailed injection technique with the 6-point chin approach. This program will dive into one of the most important areas for facial contouring. Besides that, you will experience special topics such as how to improve chin retrusion, reduce mental crease, treat double chin, and much more!

We hope that after this webinar, you will be able to achieve outstanding results for your patients. Do not miss this opportunity!

📝 Course content:

- The MD Codes symbolic language

- All the Chin codes

- Flashcards for the 6-point Chin

- Code by Code videos with detailed injection techniques

- Result analysis

- Live interaction with Dr. Maurício de Maio

- Q&A session

📍 General information:

📆 Date: May 24th, 2024 – Friday

🕘 Time: 10:00 am Brazilian Time

🌎* Check the time in your region

- Course Language: English

* Webinar with limited number of participants

📍 Investment: $350 american dollars

📄 Certificate of participation

⌛ Duration: 90’ Webinar + 30’ Q&A

👩🏾‍💻👨🏻‍💻 Webinar Platform: Zoom

Register Now:

📞 WhatsApp: +55 11 94913-6254


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